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East Carolina Mortuary Services

Below you will find pricing for the various services we offer:

Transportation Prices

Local 1-Man Removal* $125
Local 2-Man Removal* $185
Out of Town 1 Man Removal $65 + Mileage
Out of Town 2-Man Removal $95 + Mileage
1 Man Mileage** $2
2 Man Mileage** $3
Use of Hearse Add $50
*Local removals refer to removals with less than 30 loaded miles.
**Mileage rates subject to change without notice based on fuel prices.
Note: Mileage is calculated based on loaded miles. For trips requiring excessive unloaded miles or overnight stays, additional charges may apply.

Professional Service Prices

Embalming $450
Additional Care for Autopsy $125
Shipping Container $225 + tax
Local Filing of Death Certificate* $75
*All death certificates filed outside of Pitt County will be processed via mail. Expedited filing of non-local death certificates is available for an additional fee.