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East Carolina Mortuary Services

East Carolina Mortuary Services is owned and operated by the Wilkerson family, who have served the Pitt and surrounding counties since 1932 through their main location, Wilkerson Funeral Home in Greenville. In addition to its main location, Wilkerson Funeral Home also operates locations in the nearby towns of Vanceboro and Ayden. In 2019, the Wilkerson family opened Winterville Cremation & Funeral Services, which is dedicated to providing professional and compassionate care in a simpler setting at a more affordable price. Additionally, the Wilkerson family operates Pinewood Memorial Park, Pitt County's first perpetual care cemetery, which they opened in 1958.

Being a Wilkerson Company means the East Carolina Mortuary Services will be overseen and managed with care and with a focus on the same professional and compasionate care that the Wilkerson Family and their staff have been known for.